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Vanguard Eldercare's innovative care doesn't end with patient diagnosis and treatment. We work with long term care facilities on complex medical management issues and regulatory compliance that help facilities establish and maintain high standards of care and compliance. As a comprehensive medical group, Vanguard is able to offer access to each patient's clinical team member during regular business hours and support that availability with on call physicians/NPs 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Help to decrease psychotropic medication and polypharmacy

Our staff assesses medications prescribed for Vanguard patients to create a plan to gradually decrease the usage of psychotropic medications, both to improve patient well-being and to comply with CMS guidelines. Additionally, other medications are regularly reviewed to prevent interactions and eliminate those that may be adversely affecting the patient's mental health.

Help to maintain facility oversight status

We understand the importance of regulatory compliance. Vanguard's services ultimately enhance and elevate a facility's ability to care for challenging patients so that patients, their families and regulators alike are pleased with the care and clinical outcomes. We have been caring for these individuals for over 15 years and have never been negatively cited nor received an F329 tag. Additionally, we have actively partnered with facilities that have experienced deficiencies/ citations to return them to full compliance.

Help to educate facility staff on best practices

Our team offers in-service education programs to long term care facilities to help staff maintain best practices and the highest levels of care. We are able to tailor these programs to fit a facility's specific needs, working with the leadership team individually or as a group as they deem necessary.

Help counsel patient families

It is important for family members to know what to expect during the course of treatment for their loved ones. We encourage family members to be active in their care and offer to meet with them to discuss their diagnosis and treatment plan.