Embracing Our Past. Building The Future.


Embracing Our Past. Building The Future

Vanguard Eldercare Medical Group is the regional leader in neurobehavioral eldercare. From its formation, Vanguard has focused on providing integrated psychiatric, neurological, medical, geriatric and psychological health care to adult and elderly patients with neurological and/or behavioral illness. Vanguard's mission is to enhance the quality of life for our shared patients by easing their suffering while actively promoting their safety, functionality and dignity.

Vanguard Eldercare Medical Group is comprised of psychiatrists, neurologists, internists, geriatricians, psychologists, and psychiatrically trained nurse practitioners who all share the same philosophy of care - to provide a comprehensive, compassionate, multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the emotional, behavioral,and cognitive difficulties common in neurologic, psychiatric and geriatric patients.

Vanguard Eldercare's pioneering care protocols stress the importance of continuity of care to address issues in a timely, wholistic manner to help identify and treat the underlying causes of our patients' conditions before they lead to additional concerns.

Our compassionate staff work on-site with each facility’s nursing staff to provide an unparalleled continuum of care. The entire Vanguard Eldercare clinical team strives to provide seamless ongoing neurological, medical and behavioral health care for your loved one.

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